Vontier Joins MIT-led Global Alliance on Innovation to Combat Climate Change


RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Vontier Corporation (“Vontier”) (NYSE: VNT) today announced that Vontier has joined the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium (MCSC) to accelerate the development of large-scale solutions to fight climate change. MCSC is comprised of 16 leading companies across sectors, working together with MIT academic research teams to establish processes and breakthrough strategies for environmental innovation.

“Vontier’s guiding vision is accelerating smart sustainable solutions to create a better world. As a global industrial technology company at the forefront of solving next-gen mobility and transportation challenges, this partnership is a critical vehicle through which we can take positive action and make meaningful contributions to decarbonization,” said Vontier’s Chief Legal & Administrative Officer Katie Rowen, who will serve on MCSC’s industry advisory board.

The 16 members of the MCSC are leaders from a broad range of industries, from agriculture to aerospace, chemical production to infrastructure, electronics to finance, and software to textiles, who are ready and eager for climate action: Accenture, Apple, BBVA, Biogen, Boeing, Cargill, Dow, Holcim, IBM, Inditex, MathWorks, Nexplore (Hochtief), PepsiCo, Rand-Whitney Containerboard (Kraft Group), Verizon, and Vontier. MCSC members recognize industry’s responsibility for action on climate change and its unique ability to rapidly deploy and optimize social and technological solutions. Members have committed not only to working with MIT but collectively, to confront climate change with the urgency required to realize their goals and to be part of solving this existential threat to society.

The MCSC has set the following objectives:

  • To accelerate the introduction of large-scale, feasible solutions to address the threat of climate change.
  • To advance proposals regarding sustainability opportunities, training for innovators, regulatory policies, and the development of business models across sectors.
  • To catalyze links between academic innovations and commercial scalability.
  • To materialize sustainable practices that are action-oriented and incorporate social justice, economic equity, and respect for the environment.

“The MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium is excited to welcome a member from the industrial technology and next-gen mobility space. We look forward to Vontier’s unique perspectives, technical expertise, and commitment to continuous improvement,” said Jeremy Gregory, Executive Director of the MCSC. “Vontier is joining at an exciting time as we hit our one-year mark since launching in February 2021 and are now at the forefront of tomorrow’s profound changes in mobility and transportation.”


Vontier is a global industrial technology company at the forefront of solving next-gen mobility and transportation challenges. Guided by the Vontier Business System and an unwavering commitment to our customers, Vontier delivers smart, sustainable solutions to create a better world.


TheMIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium (MCSC) convenes influential industry leaders to accelerate the necessary worldwide transition towards reduced greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable resource use. The MCSC leverages diverse perspectives on climate, sustainability, and climate justice from across the global economy to create new collaboration opportunities that amplify and extend MIT’s current efforts, while empowering industry to usher in, adapt to, and prosper in a decarbonized economy and world.

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Source: Vontier Corporation